Miss India Teen

Miss India Teen is produced by the JFMC based in New Delhi, India. The JFMC first began its first annual “National Awards Festival” in New Delhi, India, in 1992. An integral component of these festivals was the immensely popular “Awards & Fashion Show,” which JFMC was the first to provide to the Society at large Globally.

The “National Awards & Fashion Show” had become so popular that it was proposed to start the first ever MISS INDIA Pageant from this year i.e. 2013. The various groups/organizations in the major cities of India use to conduct Indian Pageants in different catgories and we are roping them under our flagship to send the winner to New Delhi to compete for Miss India in different categories like Miss India Teen etc. The JAI International Entertainment in association of Journalist Association of India under the flagship of Journalists Federation of India is happy to take responsibility of organizing Indian pageant in whole India was taken by JFMC itself, which organized the first ever “National Awards” New Delhi, India in 1992.

The various groups/organizations in major Indian cities were contacted to start Indian Pageants in different states and send their winners to New Delhi to compete for Miss India. The responsibility of organizing an Indian pageant in All India was taken by JFMC and the first ever Miss India Teen, New Delhi will be initiated to start this year i.e 2013.

For many years, we were requested by many young aspirants and their parents, as well as various state directors / organisers who were already conducting teen pageants in their respective states, to start Miss India Teen New Delhi so that they can showcase their talent and gain confidence. Finally, in 2012, we decided to host the first ever Miss India Teen New Delhi, in the coming year i.e. 2013. Needless to say, the pageant will be a milestone and will be an instant success and will become a most sought after event for the teen girls of Indian origin living in India. Following the success of our previous events and affiliated teen pageants in other states, there was a strong demand to provide a national platform for the Indian teens living in India and as a result, Miss Teen India was formed in 2012.

Starting from the Mandi House, New Delhi with an audience of near about four hundred people, we have come a long way! Our previous sponsors are still with us like Oriental bank of India, Steel Authority of India, Sahitya Kala Parishad, Govt of Haryana etc. And till today they has remained our staunch supporter from day one and helped us tremendously in our growth internationally.

Incidentally, our organisation is having good contacts with Film Industry and having own membership of Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA), We have a platform to help the winner of Miss India to get work from this industry.

Winner/winners of Miss India Teen etc. qualifies to enter the Miss India Pageant which JFMC has been organizing annually since 1992. The winner of Miss India represent India in The Miss Universe, Miss World etc. as per their qualification in Event which JFMC is organizing since 1992 and which has been acclaimed as “the most glamorous Indian function in the world.”

Rules and Regulations


Any girl of Indian origin

and resident of India (regardless of her place of birth) between the ages of 13 and 17 inclusive (on December 31st of the year she participates), and unmarried never having child, is eligible to participate.

Regulations :

The contestant must behave in a decent manner befitting the title of Miss India Teen. The JFMC is not responsible for the contestant or any of her personal belongings. The JFMC is only responsible for the meals for the contestants on the day of the pageant.

The Contest:

The pageant will consist of four segments (1) Talent (2) Evening Gown (3) Indian Dress; and (4) Question and Answer. Segments No. 1st to 3rd will take place on same day. Next day, all contestants will present themselves in Indian attire and the top five will move on to the Question and Answer segment. After the Question/Answer round, there will be the announcement of sub-contest winners and the crowning of Miss India Teen. Since Miss India Teen is a conservative pageant, proper attire for all segments is mandatory. No indecent attire will be permitted. The JFMC, in its sole discretion, retains the right to alter the format. The JFMC may also give franchise to a reputable individual/organization/ Director to conduct Miss India Teen.

Time Constraints:

Due to time constraints, all contestants will be allowed 2.5 minutes for the talent category (No alteration / exceptions are permitted to this clause). The contestants must notify the JFMC of any special technical requirements well in advance / ahead of time.


Judges / Jury :

Judges will be selected for Miss India Teen by the JFMC, after thoroughly scrutiny. They will be eminent respected members of the Society at large, can be from International Community. The JFMC reserves the right to appoint all such judges. THE DECISION OF THE JUDGES, ONCE TABULATED, IS FINAL. THE JFMC BEARS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE DECISIONS OF THE JUDGES.

The foregoing rules are subject to change by the JFMC. All decisions regarding the eligibility of the contestant and the conduct of the Miss India Teen in general are subject to the ultimate approval of the JFMC and final nod is CEO Mr. H K Sethi is mandatory.